Damp proof course

Preparing our tiny house trailer with a damp proof course

We’re really happy that our tiny house trailer has made it through inspection and is now finally registered. Tiny house trailer inspection day was such a crazy day! I’m glad we don’t have to do it again, haha.

The tiny house build begins

With the tiny house trailer inspection out of the way, we can finally focus on building our tiny house! This is so exciting. The moment we’ve been waiting and preparing for months has finally arrived.

After watching hundreds and hundreds of videos about tiny houses and how to build them, it’s time to start building our very own tiny house. Eeek. Our tiny house build will happen in seven big steps: floor, frame, exterior cladding, roof, interior cladding, interior.

Adding a damp proof layer between trailer and floorboards 

Before we start putting our floorboards down we will prepare the trailer by adding DPC to the trailer. DPC stands for ‘damp proof course’ and is supposed to prevent moisture from going into the floorboards and also into the trailer. This DPC basically works as a membrane between the metal trailer and wooden floor.

DPC is a common building material and available in every warehouse. However, we were really lucky because we found our DPC at our local tip shop. Can you believe it? It cost us next to nothing and works just as well. On top of that, we used recycled materials for our tiny house build which would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

Preparing the trailer for our wooden floor with a damp proof layer

Equipped with heaps of DPC sheets from the tip all left to do for us was cutting it into strips. A lot of strips. And glueing them to the trailer joist and frame. This took us a few days, mostly because of the intense sun but our tiny house trailer is now fully covered with a membrane which hopefully does its’ job!

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