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This is a personal blog. The purpose of this blog is to document the tiny house build from start to finish carried out by the owners of this blog. This includes descriptions of the off-grid setup, gardening, renewable energy generation and tips for a healthy diet.
The purpose and nature of this blog are non-commercial. The owners of this blog are not selling any products or services described in the articles, nor do they receive any kind of payment or compensation from any providers that are mentioned in the articles.
All views expressed on this blog belong to the owners of this blog and do not represent the opinions of any entity which they have been, are now or will be affiliated in the future. Any view or opinion are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organisation, company or individual.

Limitations of liability

The building methods and approaches described in this blog are the results of extensive online and analogue research conducted by the owners of this blog. All building methods in this blog served the sole purpose of building a tiny house on wheels and are unique to the tiny house build described in this blog by the owners of this site. Meaning, while these practices and building methods served the owners of this blog well, they might not work for others. Therefore, the owners of this blog take no responsibility for failure or accuracy of these methods should readers decide to copy them.
All content provided in this blog is for informational purposes only. The owners of this blog assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omission in the content of this blog, this includes allergies and dietary restrictions when using recipes provided in this blog.
The information in this blog is provided on an ‘as is’ basis with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness and without warranties of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied. The owners of this blog do not warrant that any information or material obtained or downloaded from this blog will be uninterrupted, error-free, omission-free or free of viruses or other harmful items.


The copyright and other intellectual property rights in all material and content in this blog including photographs, graphical material, as well as the organisation and layout of this blog belong to the owners of this blog.
Readers are free to share the content of this blog through the social share options provided in this blog. Please credit all posts, recipes and photos taken from this blog to Livingtinyandgreen and link back to the original post. Any alteration of content and materials, including photographs, requires approval from the owners of this blog. To contact the owners of this blog click here.
Intellectual property, photographs and graphical material from third parties are clearly stated in the articles. This can include sources like websites, trademarks, literature and other.


The owners of this blog welcome comments. However, the owners of this blog reserve the right to edit or delete comments without notice should they be of the following nature:

  1. Comments deemed to be spam or questionable spam
  2. Comments containing profanity
  3. Comments containing language or statements and concepts deemed offensive by us.
  4. Comments containing hate speech, threats, or direct attacks on an individual or a group.

The owners of this blog are not responsible for the content of the comments.
This disclaimer is subject to change at any time and without notice.

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