First tiny house Christmas

Our first tiny house Xmas

How exciting!

Last year, we were sad that we didn’t manage to move into our house in time for Christmas. This year, we are even more excited about Christmas. Not only are we living in our cute house for almost a year now but we’ll be celebrating Christmas with dear friends.

We even have the most amazing Christmas tree.

We didn’t miss a thing at our tiny house Christmas party and even had a DIY Christmas tree with handmade reusable decoration. It’s amazing what you can do with some old timber and fabric scraps.

A not so tiny Christmas party

I was somewhat concerned about how we would fit nine people around our small-ish DIY outdoor table and if we even had enough plates and cutlery, haha. After all, for most of the year, it’s only the two of us and we are minimalists who only own items they actually use. So naturally, we don’t have a 12-piece china-set for special occasions sitting around.

Luckily, Paul built a workbench extension earlier in the year which is pretty much an oversized table and provided ample space for our little plant-based Christmas feast. And it turns out that we still have enough plates and cutlery to cater for a party of 9, especially when two of the guests are age 3 and under. 😉 But I did have a plan B…just in case.

Useful tip – get it from the tip!

You might know that Paul and I like to visit our local tip and adjacent second-hand shop when looking for building materials or flower pots, etc. before going to a warehouse. You’d be surprised by the treasures you can find there and by how cheap everything is. I bought a fully functioning iron for $5 once and heaps of nice flower pots for next to nothing.

Especially around Christmas time, I noticed heaps of brand new plates and glasses at the tip shop, some even still in their original boxes. So my plan B would have been to buy plates from there and to return them after Christmas should we have been in need for more spare plates, bowls or even glasses. This way I avoid buying single-use or brand new items as I find both options equally bad.

What do you think? Is this a more sustainable solution?

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6 thoughts on “Our first tiny house Xmas

  1. Hi guys!

    I love to read everything you have to tell us about your tiny lovely house.

    Please, keep the great work and don’t forget to post so we all can keep up to date with the life in this lovely place.


    1. Hi love the story of your tiny house living.
      The detail inside, layout is great and very creative. Also the use of power and how you produce it.
      We want to have one built for our 5 acre block on the Bellarine Peninsula.

      1. Hi Gemma, Thanks for your lovely comment. All the best for your tiny house build.

  2. Hi that looks amazing. I doesn even look tiny. There is such a big space feeling! Congratulations.

    How wide is the house?

    Thanks for the inspiration

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