Outdoor chairs

Rescue chairs for our new tiny house deck

Last weekend we built ourselves a ‘new’ outdoor table from salvages timber. All we need now are some comfy outdoor chairs to go with it.

The tip shop never disappoints

Initially, we wanted to build the chairs ourselves and were tossing around design ideas. However, we couldn’t quite agree on a design, so we decided to check out our local tip shop.

Lucky for us our tip shop never disappoints because we found an ensemble of four nice-looking chairs for only $12 in total. Yay! The downside is that the chairs were quite rusty. Despite that, the frames were in good condition, so we decided to buy them and to give them a makeover.

Revamping rusty chairs

After assessing our chairs, we decided to tackle the rust with chemicals. Usually, I try to avoid chemical products, but in this case, it was inevitable. So in order to revive our chairs, we used rust remover, sandpaper and spray paint.

First, I sanded all four chairs to get rid of any loose rusty bits and to prepare the chairs for the rust remover. Then I generously applied the rust remover to all four chairs with an old cloth. I made sure to wear protective gear like gloves and a mask because the stuff smells hideous and I certainly don’t want it on my skin. Also, always read the instructions before using a product!

I let the rust remover do its thing and then sanded the chairs again to get rid of the rust. I was able to remove the worst rust from the chairs but wasn’t too fuzzy. After all, the chairs were only $12 and used so if we’re getting a couple of years out of them, I’m happy.

Finally, I spray-painted the chairs. We decided on a mid-grey hue, and I gave each chair 2 to 3 coats. The chairs look as good as new now, and we’re happy with the result.

I’m glad that we checked out the tip shop because reusing things is fun, satisfying and good for the environment and the wallet! It’s true what they say: “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” (Let’s keep it unisex, shall we?!)

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