DIY pegboards for our tiny walls

We are upgrading the interior walls of our tiny house with a couple of homemade pegboards.  I’m very happy about this because I love the aesthetics of pegboards.

Everything in good time

It certainly took us a while to build them. Not because it’s hard, but because we didn’t know where to put them and what to use them for. We live in a small space after all and don’t want to clutter our walls. However, I noticed some dead space above the washing machine. It’s a dark spot and therefore perfect for a utility pegboard and we definitely needed a hat rack.

How to make pegboards

Pegboards are fairly easy to make and don’t require a whole lot of equipment. All you need is a wooden board, wooden dowels, screws, a hole cutter, a drill and something to create a gap with between wall and board. A lot of people use washers for this we used little wooden blocks.

Apart from this, we used pine wood for our pegboards which we bought at our local warehouse together with a long dowel. Wooden dowels come in different length. We bought a 2.4m long pole and cut it into smaller pieces. This seemed to be the most cost-effective way. It’s up to you to determine the size and length of your pegs our pegs are quite chunky and 10cm long. The number of pegs depends on how many shelves or individual pegs you want.

Once this is done, we decided on the dimensions for our pegboards and calculated the peg holes and their distance from each other. Again, these numbers vary from board to board.  However, it’s important to be precise with the calculation since the holes have to form a perfect grid.

Next, I drilled out all the holes using a hole cutter. Obviously, make sure that the hole cutter is the same size as the diameter of your pegs.  We glued the gap pieces to the board and drilled the whole thing to the wall.

Now all that’s left to do is adding the pegs and little shelves to the board and fill it with your things.

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