Building a bat box

We’re three weeks into novel coronavirus-related lockdown, and on top of it, it’s Easter. So plenty of time to get stuck into all kinds of fun DIY and craft projects. Today’s Easter Monday project is building a bat box. Shelter for cute microbats We noticed for a while now that a gang of microbats are […]

Reed bed filtration system

We are very excited about this! Finally, we got around to building a reed bed filtration system to deal with our greywater. Our greywater comes mainly from the kitchen, showers and laundry. We make an effort to only use natural soaps free from chemicals and microplastics. But still, it’s important to filter our wastewater so […]

Our first tiny house Xmas

How exciting! Last year, we were sad that we didn’t manage to move into our house in time for Christmas. This year, we are even more excited about Christmas. Not only are we living in our cute house for almost a year now but we’ll be celebrating Christmas with dear friends. We even have the […]

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