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Welcome to our off-grid and tiny house on wheels adventure

Hi, we are Paul and Annett. This blog is about us building a tiny house on wheels and trying to live a more sustainable greener life in the Byron Shire.

About our tiny house dreams

A few months ago, we had this vision in our heads of us living in the countryside far away from city noises, powering all our appliances and electric devices with energy coming from renewable sources and eating our homegrown vegetables. Sounds great, right?!!

We have created this fun little blog to document our tiny house build from start to finish as well as our approach to a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle.

In addition to that, we also want to inspire more people here in Australia to build small(er) and to consider a greener lifestyle. We want to show that this can be achieved without sacrificing modern day amenities.

Our deadline

We don’t have a strict deadline but we hope to finish the tiny house in one year from now. A lot of tiny house owners only take two to six months to build their houses but we can’t build full-time due to our day jobs so we think that one year will be realistic. I’m secretly hoping that we will be finished sooner, though.

Our off-grid setup
  • Our tiny house will have solar panels.
  • Our hot water will come from a solar hot water heater.
  • We will have tanks for rainwater as well as grey water collection.
  • In addition, we will have a small biodigester to create biogas which we will use for cooking.
Our permaculture garden

I was always intreagued by the idea of creating a food forest and growing vegetables & fruit in a natural way. A permaculture garden seems to be a great way to achieve that and to learn more about the principles of permaculture. Ideally, I want to start on the garden while building the house, but I don’t think that this is realistic since we will be very busy building. So, for now, I will start with small gardening projects.

To sum up our plans:

In one year from now, we hope to live in a tiny house on wheels, 100% off the grid and harvest all our energy needs from renewable energies. In addition to that, we want to have a permaculture garden which supplies us with fruit and veggies.

Woo, sounds like a great plan! Follow our progress here on this blog!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to our off-grid and tiny house on wheels adventure

  1. Hi Paul and Annett!

    First of all I would like to say that IT IS AMAZING! Since the idea, project and how you guys chose live your life. My partner and I are with the same plan for our future. We are now located on the Gold Coast and we would love to meet to you guys and see how it is in real life. Do you guys think that is it possible?

    Thank you so much, mainly to share your life with the world, you are amazing 🙂

  2. Hi Ilona here from Renew Fest,
    Just keen to have a chat to you about your amazing life!
    Please call me on 0402637739 when you get a chance.
    We have a tiny home village for Renew fest and I think it’s your cup of tea.
    Have a lovely weekend.

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