Tiny house deck

Our tiny house deck is finished!

Our tiny house deck is finished, yay! We’re so happy with our new addition.  The deck expands our living space and allows us to enjoy more time outside.

Best out of three

I think it’s also safe to say that section three is the nicest of the three sections. We learned a lot from building the first two sections and also have invested in a couple of more tools … just when you think your tool collection is complete …

So instead of sanding the boards with an orbital sander like previously, Paul used an angle grinder. It gets the job done in no time and the result is a lot smoother. Also, instead of cutting the boards to length first and then screwing them on, we did it the other way around. We screwed the boards to the frame first and then chopped the ends off with a circular saw. That way all the boards are definitely the same length.

Another project done!

We’re very happy with how our deck turned out. The three sections might not be a 100% perfect but they still look great. It’s just natural to evolve and improve your skills and technique as a project progresses. One learns from practice and experience. So, yes, we’re pretty stoked with the result and love our new outdoor addition.

I’m just glad that I have a spot for all my plants now, haha.  But seriously, the new space is amazing. We can spread our new DIY outdoor table, the 4 chairs which we bought for next to nothing from the tip shop and our umbrella over three sections. We are so ready for summer and can’t wait to have all our meals outside. What a tiny luxury!

This is another project done and dusted! But no worries, we still have a long list of projects which will keep us busy until the end of the year.

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