Tiny house electrics

Tiny house electrics – time to wire our tiny house

We reached another big milestone in our tiny house build. With the insulation in place, it’s finally time to wire our house and to add lights, light switches and power points before we screw on the wall panels.

Time to wire our tiny house

We bought the lights for our tiny almost a year ago at a massive warehouse sale for a bargain. It’s really exciting to finally see them getting installed.

We’re also at this point in our tiny house build where we have to engage the help of professionals.  Although we endeavour to do most of the building work ourselves, there are a few things I don’t want to touch. The electrics of our tiny house is one of them.  All things electric are better left to the skilled hands of professionals. We don’t want to electrocute ourselves every time we turn on the light, right?

So we got ourselves professional help but we did the preparation work ourselves by drilling the holes for the wires in our steel frame.  This took around half a day but by doing the groundwork ourselves we saved a lot of money since paying for professional labour is costly as we all know.

Getting excited about light switches and powerpoints

It took the electricians about 1 1/2 days to wire our tiny, install the fuse box, as well as all the lights, power points and light switches.

We’re really happy with the final result. Everything looks so good. Our tiny dwelling looks so much more habitable now. It’s amazing what difference it makes to add something as simple as a powerpoint to the house. Normally, these things go unnoticed.

We’re also excited about the fact that all of our electricity will come from the six solar panels that are installed on our roof. Go green power!!

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  1. Hello!

    Did you have electrical done to be ONLY off grid, or to have the ability to connect to the main power grid?

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