tiny house lofts

Building shelves for our two tiny house lofts

With our kitchen and the bathroom finished, all we need to do now is fit out our two tiny house loft levels.

Our storage loft

We’re keeping the furniture for the storage loft fairly simple. All we need is a pole for our hanging clothes and shelves for some containers and boxes. Our storage loft is fairly open so it can look messy pretty easily. To avoid that I tried to store small things in containers and pile bigger items neatly on top of each other.

Our shelf design is super easy. We simply bought some wooden brackets from the hardware store and screwed it to the wall. The actual shelf is made from 7mm plywood. It does the trick for us. Also, we wanted to be very lightweight. However, if you want your shelves to be more solid use a thicker ply.

Our sleeping loft

We don’t have a lot of furniture in our sleeping loft. The only essential piece of furniture is our clothing cabinet. We tried to copy a certain IKEA shelf but of course with lightweight ply. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do but I think the final result is not bad.  We also built a little bookshelf for the front of our loft to enclose the space and for some privacy. We call it our dinky shelf.

Our sleeping loft is probably my favourite spot in the house. It’s so cozy up there and the skylight is just awesome.

With the two loft levels finished, moving day is getting closer. Yay!

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