Wooden Floorboards lofts

Wooden floors for our two tiny house lofts

We’ve started working on the interior and tackled the wooden floors of our two tiny house lofts.

Laying the wooden floorboards

Laying the wooden floorboards for our two tiny house lofts was really easy because we already knew how.  Ha! We simply used the same method we’ve already used for laying our actual floor.  However, for the indoor floorboards, you don’t need the DPC layer.

To summarise it, we cut all your boards to lengths. Then we installed five boards at a time. Because we installed the boards onto steel we pre-drilled the screw holes and then squeezed the floorboards tight before screwing them on.

We’re quite happy with the results!

Working on the tiny house lofts is quite rewarding because for the first time we actually knew what we were doing. What a relief and so rewarding! We’re really happy with our two lofts. And on top of that, the inside of our house is starting to take shape.

Happy building!

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