Tiny house office space

Tiny house office space

Oh yes, it’s possible to fit an office space into a tiny house! You just have to be space-smart.

Our tiny office space

Our tiny house definitely needs an office space because Paul is working from home.  Luckily, Paul doesn’t need a lot of space to do his job. Just a desk big enough to fit the monitor, his laptop and some speakers.

We’re using the same computer monitor to watch Netflix and such so that’s why the speakers need to be on the desk, too. Also, the office desk is close to our couch so we just turn the monitor around when we watch TV. Easy!

Our desk design

Our desk design is fairly simple. We wanted to build a fold-away desk to make the most of the tiny space. We did some research online and found a design we liked and simply amended it to our needs.

Material-wise we only used leftover pine wood from the kitchen bench. For example, for the desk, we used the piece we cut out for the kitchen sink. Turnes out that this is the perfect size for it. Then we used smaller offcuts for the wall mounts and the desk bracket. That’s what I call an efficient use of materials.

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  1. What advice would you give a person if they are trying to convert a shed into a tiny home. It has a good foundation. Any advice would help. Thank you! Congrats on your tiny home!!

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