Our tiny house trailer has arrived!!

We’re super excited because our tiny house trailer “arrived” today! We have waited months for this day and now it’s finally happening. Soon we can start building our tiny house. Exciting times are ahead of us.

The dimensions of our tiny house trailer

Our trailer is made of steel with 15 joist and 3 axles for more stability and to balance out the weight. The trailer is 9.6 m long including A-frame and 8 m long without it and it is 2.4 m wide.

This means that our bathroom, kitchen and lounge space will be spread out over a length of 8 m. Width-wise we could have maxed it out to 2.5 m but we kept in mind that we have to add cladding to the house. So in order to keep it within the specs for trailers within NSW regulations, we only went with a width of 2.4 m.

Unfortunately, our tiny house trailer is not galvanised but only painted. This is especially problematic in our area because we’re located on the coast.

I have spotted quite a few rusty bits already and frantically started painting and spraying them. Since the trailer is new the rust is only on the surface, so it’s not too dramatic at the moment. But we will have to maintain the trailer regularly to avoid corrosion.

In an additional effort to keep rust out, we will put stainless steel panels on the bottom of the trailer once the insulation for the floor is in place. This should prevent moisture from getting into the floor too and ultimately slow down the corrosion process. Fingers crossed…

Next step

Finally having our trailer on-site is fantastic! That means that we just got a little bit closer to building our tiny house. Before we can start though we have to register this beast of a trailer.

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8 thoughts on “Our tiny house trailer has arrived!!

  1. Hey there Paul and Annett,

    With the rust, and preventing it, rust converter solution is affordable. Just paint it on and it chemical changes the exposed steel to iron phosphate which is much harder to corrode. Its made from phosphoric acid so be sure to wear eye protection and long sleeves and pants when painting it on coz it stings the skin!

    best wishes!

    1. Hi Lynda, thanks for your comment. We had our trailer made by a friend who builds big scale trailers for a living. Our trailer is solid and well-made.

    2. Hi Lynda, thanks for your comment. The trailer was built by a friend of ours who builds and repairs trailers for a living.
      If you live in Australia, perhaps contact Tiny Houses Australia as they are specialised in building tiny house trailers.
      Kind regards,

  2. Hello,
    I’m looking at building a trailer with the exact same size. Do you have a plan of the trailer you are able to send? And if not can you give me the widths and heights of the joists and such? I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Hi Mitchell, we don’t have a plan but I mentioned the dimensions in the post above 🙂

  3. Hi livingtinyandgreen,
    Just discovering your site and loving it. Thanks for all the info. Just wondering where the weight is distributed in your house, if you have that information? Meaning things like: What was the trailer weight? The tow ball weight? The overall weight of the completed tiny house?

    Thanks in advance for your sharing.
    – Fred

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