Sanding and oiling the wooden floor

Sanding and oiling our wooden floor

We almost finished the inside of our tiny house.  All that’s missing now before we can start fitting it out is sanding and oiling our wooden floor.

Sanding a wooden floor

We were really looking forward to sanding our floorboards because we couldn’t wait to get rid of all the watermarks, dirt and shoeprints that have accumulated over the past year. Initially, we wanted to do it right after installing them but a professional floor sander advised us to wait until we’re finished building. And he was right.

We wanted to hire him for the job but unfortunately, he didn’t want to do it. He was worried that our solar system wasn’t able to handle the sander.  Well, he was wrong. Our solar panels were well able to handle a sander. Luckily, there are lots of videos and tutorials on floor sanding online these days. So we did the job ourselves.

Oiling our wooden floor

After we sanded the floor it was time to oil it. Finally, we would be able to apply that nice oil we bought over a year ago! We decided on a natural oil sealer from Livos. This oil looks absolutely amazing and it smells good, too.

Our oil requires three coats. They have to be applied evenly. After every coat,  it’s important to polish the floor to get rid of any excess oil and to give it a nice finish.  It’s crucial to be precise with the sander because every scratch or dent will show now. (That’s why it’s good to leave the job to a professional sander.)

We quite like the look of our wooden floor and think that Rosewood colour was a good choice.

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2 thoughts on “Sanding and oiling our wooden floor

  1. It is surprising that you all worked on your own. Great skill and attention is required to extend the floor sanding to achieve high quality results and to then apply oil on it.
    well done buddy. Enjoy your flooring.

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